31 August 2010

Martha Stewart Weddings Fall 2010

Yeah! It's time again for a new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine! So happy. And even happier that I found Fall 2010 a week early at my local JoAnn Fabrics! Wahooo! So many pages to peruse. But I must say I was devastated to see an idea I had just added to my file broadcast big and large in this magazine. Such a bummer.

Paper chains were something I'd seen on a blog a few weeks ago and thought would translate so beautifully to wedding decor. They are so charming and could be done in just the perfect colors and fit into so many applications for wedding decor. They are also something that anyone could help with if you wanted to make a lot of beautiful long chains. Anyone can glue strips together, unlike more complicated DIY projects that require some serious technical skills.

Now they will be totally overdone, all over the wedding circuit within a couple of months. Such a drag. But I have several years worth of MSW's to pull ideas from so maybe I go retro when the time comes.

Looking forward to a second browse through this gem of a magazine soon. This is the moment when I get serious and start putting little sticky note stripes on the good stuff for future reference. It's such a great reference for party planning, decor, meal presentations, travel and more.

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