10 August 2010

Wish Play Create

At the end of last week I signed The Little Bug and me up for this online playgroup, Wish, Play, Create. No driving to this playgroup, no missing classes because of other commitments, no large room full of noisy kiddos.

Last fall I took a free class on social networking sponsored by Microsoft and Kirtsy taught by Tracey Clarke, founder of Shutter Sisters and Mother May I. After trying to get a blog started for two years, Tracey and this class were just what I needed to get it going. I will be forever grateful.

Tracey is one of the teachers for Wish Play Create. It's a five week class, beginning the week of August 30. The cost is only $48 for moms and her kids. I'm not yet a mom but have a four-year-old on regular visitation for the past 2+ years, so we're going to do this together. Should be fun. It's an opportunity for us both to exercise our creative muscles together and then share our work and enjoy the work of the rest of the group at a special group upload site.

The activities are really varied and I can't wait to learn more and enjoy each week's process. If there are any friend moms out there who want to join in, please do. It would be super fun to do this with you! Check it out and join in!

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