13 August 2010

It's Time For The Undergarment Talk Again, Ladies

I've been seeing a lot of saggy chests out there. Girls, we have a big problem with THE GIRLS! I have also been seeing The Girls trampolining up and down in your tee shirt when you are running down the street towards me or on the treadmill near to me at the gym.

There is no reason to have your chest giving you black eyes or hanging at your waist, ladies. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Have you purchased a new bra in the past six months?

Here are a few "please save my and everyone else's eyes" tips:
1) Get a professional bra fitting
2) Learn the keys of a good fitting bra
3) Realize that there are only certain types and styles of bras that will work with your particular build. It's not one size fits all.
4) When you shop for bras, take a fitted tee shirt and plan on trying on 10-20 different bras to find 1-2 that work for you.
5) Good bras are expensive. Don't overlook places like Marshalls and TJMaxx for high quality undergaments at a good discount. Again you'll need to try on lots of options to find the right one.
6) Take a good friend or sister with you to try on bras. They'll be able to help you see what's working and advise you...and run to get another size if needed.
7) Bras need to be replaced regularly. If you are wearing a bra you've worn on a regular basis for more than a year, look in the mirror, look at it's condition.

Most bras, worn on a regular basis are done within about six months. Yes, I agree it's an expensive investment, but a good bra should make your Girls shine, should keep them high and centered, round, full, well cupped.

A good fitting bra will make you look five to 10 pounds lighter. A bad bra will give you "saggy grandma" status quickly. Take time to look at yourself in the mirror in your bras. If you're falling down or falling out, chuck that bra immediately.

Any major department store does free bra fitting. Don't anticipate that any store that sells bras will have bras that work for you. For as many years as I have tried, I cannot get a bra in Victoria's Secret stores that fits me. I have a weird build that way. I have other bra-loving friends who find great options for themselves at VS and Gap Body. I have good luck at Nordstrom. I have to try on a LOT of bras before I find something that fits my proportions right. When you bra shop, make sure you make the proper time and financial investment.

For other great conversations on bras click here. More on undergarments to come. Now go take care of those girls!

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Briana said...

I am a big believer in spending my money on a high quality bra! Nordstrom is my go to place as well. My favorite bra is by Natori (wish I knew the style name)-- it's comfy and gives you a great shape. I also think taking good care of your bras is big and will extend the life of them-- I clean mine gently and properly with a special wash and I also use a lingerie bag from time to time.

kalanicut said...

Thanks for the reminder about proper laundering care Bri! So important for protecting the investment.

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