17 August 2010

Fighting Fear

Have been thinking a lot about how we hold ourselves back in fear -- fear of loss, fear of the economy, fear of the future, fear to make doing what we really love happen, fear that if we love we won't be loved back, fear of loving someone who doesn't fit our manufactured list of our perfect partner, fear of allowing ourselves to be loved, fear that if we try something new and scary that it won't work out. 

We must continually remind ourselves that there is nothing to fear. Moving forward in our lives we can anticipate more success and more happiness if we truly follow our hearts and live the lives we want to live, no holding back.

Here is a great quote about conquering fear. You can find lots more here.

"Fear is worrying about all the different tomorrows. Fear is worrying about the bad days that may or may not come, and even worrying about the good ones because you know that they can’t last. You can dream of the future, plan for it – those are good things to do – but you can’t control all the tomorrows… To be afraid is to live among all the frightening tomorrows as if they were certain to happen. To be courageous is to close off all those tomorrows and devote your attention and energy to the one today that is the only thing you ever experience with certainty."

-- Joe Tye: Never Fear, Never QuitA Story of Courage and Perseverance 

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