09 August 2010

Favorite Blogger Recipes - Meatball Sandwich Sliders

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I have decided on a new feature. I am going to start sampling recipes from some of my favorite blogs and fill you in on the details here. Heavens knows I need the help with the kitchen creativity, time saver meals, etc. and it may help bring a new recipe or two to your routine.

A couple of months ago I recommended The Pioneer Woman to you, especially to read the very entertaining story of how she met and married her Marlboro Man. Ree Drummond is quite hilarious and you may have seen in on The Bonnie Hunt Show or just last week on The Today Show.

Last week I acquired a big bag of Hawaiian Sweet Bread rolls and a gigantic pack of ground beef from everyone's favorite bulk items store. So when I ran across this recipe for Mini Meatball Sandwich Sliders and knew I actually had all the ingredients in house, I had to try it out. It seems like I am always missing an ingredient or two in any great recipe I want to try.

These yummy sliders were pretty fast and easy. I would've done two things differently now that I've made them once. I didn't add enough salt & pepper and in the end I added a little Italian Seasoning on the finished product. I don't think my marinara sauce had enough flavor to completely do the meatballs justice. I also used a mix of one slice of both cheddar and swiss instead of Provolone.

I paired them up with a small salad (butter lettuce, red onion, mandarin oranges and shredded carrot), carrot sticks, Ruffles potato chips and orange wedges. A perfect Sunday afternoon pleaser which lead immediately to a lot of napping. That gave me the solitude I needed to sit down and write this post. Try these, they will be a table pleaser for sure. Thanks Ree!

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Angela Q. said...

I am going to try these for sure now, and season the heck out them :)

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