12 August 2010

Old School Letter Writing, Part Two

A few days ago The Little Bug, out of the blue, exclaimed, "I miss Grandpa C." So we called Grandpa and she talked to him for a minute or two. It was a jagged conversation, he couldn't hear her, she wasn't listening to him, but they both enjoyed it so who am I to judge. Haa.haa.

So we decided we should write a letter to Grandpa C. and also to our good friend who recently moved. Then Bug said, "What about Grandma J?" Bug's middle name is in remembrance of Grandma J. I said, "Grandma J is up in heaven. I don't know how to get letters to heaven." She said, "I know. I will throw it up into the air and the wind will take it to her." Ouch my heart!

The Bug drew a lovely pictures for our friend. Then dictated a letter to me that went something like this.

Dear A,

I hope you are well. I miss you. I love you. I like you and I like you at church. (A lead the children's singing at church). I hope you are fine and don't get hurt. I miss you. I hope you are having fun and having fun with your family. I hope you are fine there. I miss you. Do you miss me? Good luck there.


Then she colored another picture of a flower and blue sky for her granddad. Then dictated the following letter.

Dear Grandpa C.,

I love you. I like you. I miss you. I hope you are well and safe. I miss you. Do you miss me? I want to go fishing with you and Uncle C., the cousins and Dad and K. Then we can go to the mall and have some fun. Then we can go everywhere and have lots of fun. I miss you. I love you.


We still have a couple more letters to write, but two was a LOT for her to color and dictate. We'll do more soon. So watch your mailbox you may be a lucky recipient soon!

Write a letter to someone you miss, and love and like and want to have some fun with soon! They will love hearing from you and/or your kiddos.

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Christy Cropper Photography said...

"I love you. I like you." Probably the best 2 sentences ever strung together.

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