10 June 2010

Spring Whites

I'm having a little love affair with orchids this Spring. They feel so crisp, clean, simple...like fresh white bed sheets after a long day. I love the height they provide, the asymmetrical growth, the contrast between the deep greens, bright whites..and I love the pinks and fuschias too. There is something so feminine and vulnerable about an orchid in all it's daintiness and yet there is such strength, the leaves and roots are so masculine.

I think a lot about proportions. An orchid is a design feature that adds height and breaks up straight lines. I love that. Proportions of decor against walls and across a room have a big impact on how the room feels and how one feels in it. I'm playing around a lot with that this week -- the Golden Ratio. I love that perfect division of thirds, it's amazing how many areas of life it touches. For example, look at an orchid and you will most likely see one third of the plant is pot and root ball, there is one third that is just skinny stem and the top third will be the flowering part. Mother Nature is BIG on the visual appeal of the golden ratio.

But I digress. Back to orchids. Two good resources I found for orchids this week. IKEA has quite a few lovely little orchids for just $12.99. They also have the most beautiful little brown pot designed especially for orchids.

Home Depot has large, gorgeous orchids for $19.99 and if you want to spend an extra $2 you can get one wrapped with a couple of strands of beautiful curvy vines in a little terra cotta pot. I fell in love with those, I really did. There was a giant table of them and amidst an already beautiful collection of gorgeous house plants they stood out like royalty. I should've taken a photo!

More on house plants to come. And some fun before and afters. I have fabric for reupholstery and am painting two new finds the most amazing and bold color. Everything is coming together.

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