21 June 2010

Their Gain Is Our Gain

I've been watching craigslist pretty closely the past few weeks. Here's what I am learning about the sad state of the state of California. Everyone is leaving. Everyone seems to be selling their furniture and moving east.

The girl I bought my dresser from was doing that and every day you see people saying things like, "I love this couch I just bought last year but I'm moving to the East Coast and can't take it with me." Then the next sentence is, "so I'm selling it for a quarter of what I paid for it."

Since I'm fairly certain CA is about to finally fall into the ocean (have you looked at the USGS Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada site lately?) and the economy is totally out of whack, it might be a good idea to get on outta here. But if you are in a lease or mortgage and can't get of here and need some furniture you should definitely check out the deals on craigslist!

I saw some terrific sofas for $500, $350, $150 that were all clean, in good condition AND stylish!  You can also get a wide variety of great bookcases and dresser drawers.

Why buy new when you can get quality furniture for amazing prices on craigslist. A lot of these sellers  are pretty desperate to sell their things in time for their move and are grateful for your help. Check it out. And please let me know if you get anything good!

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