04 June 2010

The Ups & Downs of Bargain Hunting

Yesterday I wrote the following post, which I posted for all of two minutes before things fell apart.

In an effort to decrease clutter and increase storage in my apartment I decided a couple of new dressers were in order. I've always loved this simple dresser from IKEA, the height, size of the drawers, etc. I've been admiring it at my sister's house for some time now. So planning a trip to IKEA this weekend, I went through the catalog and checked out my options.

New this dresser runs $279 which is a great price, then add 10% sales tax. Add to my "cost" the pain and suffering involved in having to put the piece together once I get home. Then I thought about 
Craigslist. People are always selling IKEA furniture on Craigslist. And even better than getting a great deal, I do not have to assemble the piece!

Thank you Craigslist. I'll pick up a gently used dresser, in the lighter brown stain, for a third of the retail price tomorrow just minutes from my house. Hallelujah! That is how you do a home makeover on a shoe string budget! Whew!

Here's where it all fell apart. As soon as I got done hitting publish post, I went back to my email to see if I my seller has confirmed a time to get together today to pick up the dresser. There was an email from her, but it did not say what I expected. The dresser which was in her yard and was stolen! So I had to quickly remove my happy post and start contacting other sellers of the exact same dresser.

Within a couple of hours I had nailed down the same dresser in this darker color above, in the same neighborhood and will pick it up this afternoon. I'll have to pay a little more for this one, but still get the great savings off buying it new and having to put it all together. Hooray!

I'm getting antsy to get the home redo done. There are a few little areas, my bedroom included which are looking quite lovely, but there are some corners where there are a lot of things that are stacked up and need to be gone through with a fine tooth comb. Not looking forward to that part as much. I think there are a few projects I'm going to have to put off for a while, like editing & cleaning all the kitchen cupboards. That seems like a good project to get some help with later on. It's going to be a busy weekend!

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