10 June 2010

Two Fast Moving Weeks

My master plan to reorganize and rearrange my entire home in just 2 weeks was bold. And I am T-I-R-E-D! And sadly, still not done. But I've made some great strides and taken some big steps to really go through every drawer, cupboard and closet and get rid of unneeded and old junk. To use the space more efficiently and give everything a good cleaning.

I have reduced the clutter. I have also found lots of things that I didn't know were in my house...multiples of things like shaving cream, cleaning products, dental floss, hotel lotions, shampoos and conditioners...unorganized and therefore unhelpful. I will not need to buy sink, toilet and window cleaner for years.

I have scrubbed out drawers and cupboards, tubs, showers, floors. And washed loads of laundry, moved a lot of boxes and heavy furniture, stubbed all 10 toes in multiple incidences, bashed the front of my shin and will have a bruise that covers the entire top half of it for most of the summer and I have worked into the early mornings many days.

I have added new houseplants, painted and improved thrift store furniture, bargain-shopped for new accessories and decor pieces, considered new draperies, chairs and furniture.

Still to come will be reupholstering two chair seats. I polished them up with Olde English Oil for dark wood this weekend and the wood and cane now looks amazing. Fabric is just awaiting time to measure, cut and staple the new fabric on the seats. A new sofa is yet to come. Much shopping has been done, but a decision still awaits.

There are some boxes to go through still, which just isn't that much fun. There are some storage spots to straighten up. The kitchen cupboards have not been touched yet. That is going to be a doozy of a project. The cupboard set up is the worst of any kitchen I've seen, so it's tough to come up with a pretty or genius way to make it work. I'll try again.

It's been a very productive two weeks. I love periods like this where I'm on fire to work, to work hard, to work creatively. But I have to realize that one can't go on like that for too long without needing to slow down. To every race there is a rest and it's coming for a week or so. I'll take a few days off from the work, although I'll keep sharing some details here. I'll come back to it refreshed and look very much forward to a gorgeous, refreshed home soon.

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