01 June 2010

A Little To Do

Starting off the month of June on a good note. Excited that it's here. Good things to come. Good people in my life who bless me every day with their kindness, thoughtfulness, faith, love and care. I hope I pay them back enough and they know how very much I appreciate them.

It's all about the TO DO list today. I sat down here at the beginning of the week/month and mapped out what needs to happen this month:

1)  communications and plans that need to be taken care of quickly -- travel plans, business tasks, etc.
2) important events and dates to remember -- special election, birthdays, SM fireworks, etc.
3) small tasks to attend to -- send baby gift to "new mom" friend, organize daily cleaning projects, schedule dry cleaning drop off, mail things, drop off at Goodwill, rip hard drives out of three dead laptops that are finally going to recycle (see instructions on www.bestbuy.com), etc.
4) plan in fun days and activities -- time with friends, SM fireworks, museum visits, thrift shopping excursions, special events around town.

It's amazing how much more I accomplish and how much more sane I feel when I work from a simple, little TO DO list. I'm happier too because I'm achieving things, using my time more wisely and scheduling in the F-U-N! Love it!

Are you enjoying the benefits of a simply planned life? I'd love to hear about it. If not, there's no better time than today. Start writing down all the many little things you've already accomplished and it will make you feel great about your day.

P.S. Are you riding your bikes? Hope so. Would love to hear about your cycling adventures and how you're simplifying your life on two wheels instead of four when possible. I am actually having days where I'm not using my car at all. That's a big shock, but it's great to just walk by and say hello to it as I come in and out of the garage on my bike, knowing I've spent ZERO pennies on gas the entire day.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it!


Briana Asay Millett said...

This is great, Kalani.

I remember when you lived in that charming house on Geneva road and I was over for a visit. I happened upon a TO DO list of yours and was so inspired. Ever since then I have always been a big TO DO lister! I always looked up to you in word, style, taste and even wished I had your amazing hand writing.



kalanicut said...

Aw! I'll take a comment like that ANY DAY! Thanks Bri! So sweet, you made my day.

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