27 May 2010

The Home Refresh Begins in Earnest

I've taken my entire living room apart. It's a disaster in some areas and freshly reorganized in others. I started working on it a couple of days ago and then this morning I got out of bed, came in and moved two things and it came together -- my mantle and the top of my armoire are pulled together. I may still tweak things a bit. Unfortunately the bland white walls are something I can't do anything about but I try to work around them.

Due to my Polynesian heritage, a love of all things beach and ocean oriented and living near the coast my design theme has evolved to envelop all those elements. It feels like me, makes me happy and creates a clean, simple, colorful palette to work from. First project was to update the mantle.

Here's how it worked out. When looking at the photos, please know that I am certain this wall is crooked. No matter what I do, it always photographs off kilter. The art never looks quite straight, either the top looks crooked or the bottom looks crooked.

I fell in love with this delicate pink and lush green orchid and the simple, elegant brown vase at IKEA. Total cost $19. The wood planter box is so yummy I can hardly stand it. I wish you could see it and feel it. It has such a warmth and earthiness to it. There is also another size, a larger square that I am still thinking about. I wish IKEA had made these in much bigger sizes. They are delicious. With the varied plants to go in it, the total cost was $12.

Got this great candle holder at Goodwill on Monday afternoon for $5. More than I'd usually spend for something like that at Goodwill, but I had a vision for it and knew it was worth the investment. We've collected some great rocks, shells and sea glass over the years that was lying around the apartment is various containers. I was channeling Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give and wanting jars to display them all in. I went big and figured we'd have more to add to our collection by the end of  the summer. I going to get a smaller matching jar at IKEA on my next trip. I wasn't quite sure how or what I would need until I actually put them together.

The small elephant I picked up somewhere like Cost Plus World Market a few years ago. He's a keeper! The painting is from St. Vincent de Paul thrift store downtown LA. I have had that for probably 10 years now. I've picked up some great things there over the years. The KC letters are Anthropologie from 2006, as if I need to tell anyone that. I think we've all seen them by now, right? And here is the somewhat finished product. More on the living room refresh to come. I think today I may make a trip downtown to Deseret Industries, St. Vincent de Paul and a swing up the 5 to IKEA Glendale. Just an FYI, some of my favorite fabrics are on sale at IKEA right now at clearance prices. Check them out!

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