29 June 2010

Report on Progress

Monday was a big, busy day. In addition to a pile of regular tasks, I went through my craft & fabric storage boxes and cut back by about 75 percent. Car loaded with thrift store delivery to take downtown. Feels good to trim that all back and really keep only fabric and craft supplies I love and will use again. Whew! I really love living simply and more and more I feel like possessions only steal your money and then they own you. You have to store, maintain and clean and organize them constantly. The less the better!

While hunting through the boxes I also located interfacing and curtain lining I needed to work on projects I talked about yesterday. Happy to say that Project Four is complete! Hooray! Done and over with! You can see one of the chairs in the photo above. That's the primer, doesn't look anything like that now.

Then at 9:45 pm  I worked on finishing up a little art project that I started over the weekend. It's one of my favorite mediums, torn paper art. I had a hankering to create a work of art based on my little tribe, the three of us. I'm 99% happy with it right now and feel it just needs a quick look and little tweak tomorrow.

It will be framed in a gorgeous orange metal frame. I searched good and hard for the right frame and finally found this orange metal frame that not only looks so cool and hip with my project but the technical design for the frame and the way it all clips together in back were critical for my somewhat three-dimensional art. Will share with you tomorrow when I can get it framed and photographed.

Lastly here is an after. I posted a bit of the work in progress a couple of weeks ago. This is my inspiration board I created to go over my desk. Bought a used bulletin board at Goodwill and painted the frame dark brown, then covered the cork with linen. The final touch was to add a bit of ribbon around the inner edge of the frame. After some varying thoughts, I chose a beige and white striped trim and it turned out quite nice. I had been thinking about going with a strong contrast but decided to let my inspirations to the talking on the board instead of the trim.

Also I should tell you that while I was on the East Coast I had a little surprise visit from the handy man in my building and my bathroom has been totally redone. The hideous old wallpaper is gone and I have beautiful white walls now. The broken shower door has been replaced, a new towel rod on the wall. Every time I walk in there I feel surprised at how great it looks. Now I'm working on a bit of a decor upgrade in there too with the new curtains and a slight rearrangement of things.

Tomorrow looks to be another big day. Lots to accomplish, this time more time out of the house and on the road. Wishing you all well! Hope you are thriving and enjoying life!

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