16 June 2010

Inspiring Sights, Places and People

Inspiration. Are you getting enough of it? My mind has been on fire with inspiration lately because I've had some great opportunities to be in inspiring locations, with inspiring people and see and discuss inspiring creations.

It's important to seek out creative and inspiring opportunities. They are the joy of life, what pushes you to seek to be and do more and make life beautiful and enjoyable.

I am on a little inspiration trip in NYC. Inspiring things I did and saw yesterday:
  •  Went to the FRICK for the first time.
  • Had lunch at the Boathouse in Central Park.
  • Walked the resevoir and every time I looked up I was caught by surprise again at how beautiful the skyscape that frames the park is.
  • Went to a reading of a lovely, charming and hilarious play co-written by the gracious and charming Bill Persky and my dear friend, the fabulous Tom Leopold. You have to check out all these two guys have had their hands in over the past several decades! The play was funny and sweet. I was sitting behind and in the midst of some biggie celebs and industry powerhouses.
  • Then went to dinner here with TL, family and friends - got to know some really lovely people. Had great conversation, good food and this was a restaurant with plenty of room, comfortable space, great, open interior. That alone makes it a great spot in NYC...no bumping into other diners, squeezing between tables, your chair backed up against the chairs of the table behind you, etc. 
  • Had a cool networking encounter out of the blue. Whether or not anything comes of it, it was encouraging and got me excited about the fact that you never know what can happen.
I fell in love with NYC a little bit all over again today and feel so grateful for all the inspiration, adventures and opportunities it has provided me over the years. Thank you lovely city....I must note that the weather has been IDEAL...no sweltering. Praise the Lord. This is the second time in a row I've dared come to NYC in the summer and the weather has been sunny, breezy and perfect.

I hope you are having LOTS of opportunities for inspiration and if not, there's no time like the present.
  • Call your most inspiring friend and set up a museum outing or a good wander in your local craft or fabric store.
  • Visit your local garden center, botanical garden, or flower shop and drink in the sights and smells.
  • Take a long walk and note what you see that inspires you.
  • Get online and look at the blogs and websites of some of the most creative people you know.
  • Go to your fashion magazines and clothing stores to see what trends are coming and what inspires you. There is so much beauty all around. We should all be enjoying it as much as possible!
  • Sign up for a class. You can take a class in almost anything these days. I am very interested in taking classes in silk screening, quilting and letter press printing and I'd love to learn more about graphic design.
Be well, be inspired! There are inspirations all around us if we take the time to look and listen. What is inspiring you? I'd LOVE to hear!

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