01 June 2010

Bedroom refresh is SO refreshing!

The bedroom refresh and deep cleaning are completed. It feels so good. Love walking in there now. This side of the room is very serene and the first thing I see when I walk into the room. I'm cutting back on colors in the room, which started getting too busy and trying to return to the calm, simple feeling I most like. There are only a couple of things in the room that are new, but I'll walk you through sources in case you're interested.

Headboard (2005) from AS IS room at IKEA. Was light wood, this was before the days of any dark wood at IKEA. I painted it dark brown and added 8 inches onto the bottom of the legs to make it taller. In 2009 I threw a fluffy chocolate brown quilted throw from Bed, Bath & Beyond over it to soften it up a bit.

Bed -- (2007) White coverlet & shams are Nate Berkus for Linens-N-Things. Rest in peace L-N-T. Was so sad to see you go! Brown floral comforter cover & shams are BB&B (2006). Light blue sheets that I totally love, $15 from ROSS, are recent replacement for a set of very expensive sheets (2006) that bleached out ridiculously for what they cost. Love, love, love that color and is always so hard to find. The pink and green paisley silk pillow is also from Marshalls. (2006). 

Little tip on pillows for shams. Go to Ross. Their pillow stock is usually very firm pillows, which no one really wants to sleep on. They are terrific for sham pillows you won't be using to sleep on because they are so stiff, keep their shape well and only cost about $8.

Over the bed is my beloved black whale that I purchased at an antique store in Greenport, NY. (1996). I had seen one of these in a magazine in 1994 and felt I must have one. When I saw it on my first trip to the East Coast, I had to buy it. I had a devil of a time carrying it home on the plane wrapped in newspaper. It's made of plywood, has a stone eye and is very rustic.

At the side of my bed is a sheep skin rug. (2006). I was living in a house with hard wood floors and found kneeling at the side of the bed to say my prayers at night to be torturously painful. Sheep skin changed everything and it stayed with me.

The dresser (2002) is a thrift purchase ($29) with about $120 in Anthropologie knobs (2009) added to it. The top three small drawers have simple green glass knobs and the bottom 4 drawers have larger more ornate green and white ceramic knobs. The knobs were a gift, a lovely gift. This was the biggest change I made, switching this next to the bed from across the room. I like the look but reaching the lamp from bed I've decided is a bit of a pain. But it does provide better lighting for reading in bed.

I love the top drawers of this dresser. They have wonderful green jewelry trays in them and are filled with all my wonderful jewelry treasures: gifts, things I've made, pieces I adore that friends have made, and treasures I've collected from all over the world.

The side lamps (2006) were a Marshalls purchase. Art on the dresser is a little thrift find I picked up for about $4 a couple of weeks ago. This afternoon, after this photo was taken I layered a slightly larger rectangle mirror with a thick, dark brown, bamboo-style frame behind it. I love how it looks! The mirror is another thrift store find from a few weeks ago. Cost about $4.

On the back wall is a bouquet of flowers I received a few months ago. It has a certain wild, unruliness to it due to the flowers themselves and the haphazard way I tied it all together to dry it. My momentary carelessness paid off this time. 

I'd love it if the walls were not white, but apartment living is what it is. It's actually working for me right now, trying to stay in a simple summery palate. So that's the bedroom. See my next post for the other little project I worked on today.

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