18 June 2010

A La Turka

Had a super entertaining night. Went out to dinner at A La Turka, on 74th and 2nd Ave. It was a last minute change of plans due to all the basketball crowd being out on the town. The food was fantastic. Everything had so many flavors and dimensions to it. The bread was fantastic, salad delicious, they made their own fruit punch, everyone said it was the best hummus they'd ever had.
Dishes enjoyed at the table included the Manti, Stuffed Chicken and Shrimp Kabob. It was lovely sitting outdoors with a big view of the sky through the tall buildings. Best of all we had two comedy writers at the table who told the most hilarious stories about themselves and people they'd met in the industry. It was totally self-deprecating and so funny that there were times when we were all gasping for air, holding our sides and in tears. I haven't laughed THAT hard for a long time. It was lovely! Such a delight to be so carefree for a couple of hours. Thank you lovely dinner mates. I wish we'd taken a photo...with the waiter...haa-haa.

I'm recommending this restaurant with a smile!

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