09 June 2010

My New Best Friend - Primer

Over the years I've painted and stained many pieces of furniture. I'm embarrassed to admit that this week was the first time I've ever invested in using primer. And I found a great one. 

When I start projects I want to get them done as soon as possible. Don't like unfinished projects and don't like them hanging over my head needing attention. Waiting for paint to dry is one of my least favorite parts of refurbishing furniture. So going the extra step to use a primer was a little more than I can handle. But I had two kids chairs that just weren't accepting paint well, so I decided I needed a good primer. Since I was also going to paint two new thrift store finds it was a great time to get it all done at one time.

After researching my options I chose B-I-N Primer, by Rust-oleum, in a spray can. This stuff is amazing. Goes on quickly and even better dries in just 15 minutes. That I can handle! I'm not always great at evenly spraying paint from a can but this stuff covered easily and evenly. One can didn't quite cover my two kids chairs, so that gives you an idea how far a can will go. I also tried a paint on primer, but I would never do that again now that I've tried the spray can variety.

I'm totally committed to using this any time I paint. It's great for pieces with lots of curves which would be hard to evenly cover with a paint brush. The fast drying time, even coverage and ease of use make this a winner for me!

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1 comment:

knack said...

this is a great primer, and I'll be using some of it this weekend! :)

Hope you have a great evening!


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