28 June 2010

Fun New Fabrics for Small Projects

Had some success FINALLY finding a few small pieces of fabric for four small projects. For as many days as I have been looking it's amazing I found four great pieces within 24 hours.

Project One -- Window Covering for 2nd Bathroom
(see photo above)

I received a pretty bright blue and white striped shower curtain for Christmas. I wanted to find something that coordinated with that and helped build on a beach/ocean feel throughout the apartment. I decided to look for alternative sources for fabric. I began looking at table clothes, bedding, shower curtains and other sources of fabric. I was about to leave Home Goods when I found this table runner (see photo above) on a rack near the front door.

I am going to make a pelmet box, inspired by this post over at Little Green Notebook. Because the table runner is already stiff I am going to use hook and loop fasteners to attach it to the frame, letting the edge hang over about 1/4" on all sides and then just shorten it on one end to fit the length of the box. I am going to attempt to attach it to the wall with picture hanger hook and loop fasteners. One table runner $9.99 +tax plus two 1/2" foam core boards ($10).

Project Two -- Window Covering for My Bathroom

Again I struck gold with an alternative fabric source at Home Goods. This is actually a tablecloth for a round outdoor table with an opening for an umbrella. I found it in the clearance section and the package was unlabeled so it took me a few minutes to figure out what it was. There is plenty of fabric here to either make two small fabric panels or one valence for the window that is main view in that room. And I can probably get at least one more project from this piece of fabric. One tablecloth $15.

Project Three -- Window Covering for Kitchen Window

I have tried dozens of fabric ideas for this window and none of them have worked. So I was thrilled to find this perfect little gem at JoAnn Fabrics. It's a lightweight cotton, so I will line it with some lining I have on hand and will probably add a bit of interfacing to give it a little more stiffness.

The more I look at this fabric the more I love it. It's a departure for me and at the same time so completely perfect -- I just didn't know what I wanted until I saw it. Love the bright yellow, love the orange as always, and the green ties it in with so many shades of green I have throughout the house.

I'm thinking about doing a very simple and classic valence, stiff and straight across, no gathering or pleating. I think a bit of ribbon would be a lovely touch too, hmm, green or orange? I'm leaning towards green. One yard $8.99 + tax.

Project Four -- Cushion Covers for Play Table

This project has been in the works for going on a year now I think. I learned a lot from this project and permanently changed the way I will do refurbishments forever. The last step for this project is to recover the seat cushions I purchased. I found super cheap kid's size seat cushions at IKEA for $1.99 each. Can't beat that, can't even buy a small pillow insert for less that about $6. A yard of this fabric cost $8.99 + tax at JoAnn F & C.

It's a lightweight cotton, so I will add some fusible interfacing and may sew some no slip grip material on the bottom side. After some deliberation I finally found the fabric that brings my dream of this project all together. I am very excited about the finished product and will look forward to sharing it.

I am hoping to jam through these quickly over the next couple of days. I'm going to start with Project Four...then pelmet box...then it's a toss up. I'm also working on a cool art project. Found the perfect frame for it. More on that soon.

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kalanicut said...

Possible change of plans on project three. I'm getting veto votes on the lemon fabric which I adore for the kitchen. But the fabric I used for the chair cushions is on the write in ballot as it's replacement.

Originally I was thinking that would be great for the kitchen but talked myself out of it. But now that I'm looking at the kitchen and the fabric, it's probably going to happen, as much as I hate to give in. ;)

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