03 June 2010

So Long Sofas!

Why is it that the only time women have to do big crazy projects are when the men are out of town? With the Beloved out of state for much of the summer, I determined my first project was to revamp my home while I had the free time. It's been fun but the major project to get rid of the sofas was the one intimidating task.

Last night I carried all the cushions down to the parking garage and with the help of a rolling cart, managed to get the love seat down as well. The intimidating part was getting the giant sofa skeleton out of the apartment. When I moved it was a major nightmare to get in the apartment because it's so long and so wide.

The pick up service came much earlier than I expected, while I was still deliberating on how I was going to get the sofa out. They will only pick up from the curb, so I was afraid I'd have to forgo sending the sofa with them. But they were willing to wait. So lovely!

I grabbed a couple of guys to help me and miraculously they had the sofa out to the curb in less than 3 minutes. Pick up guys loaded it in the truck and it was over before 10:30 am. Lovely! Thanks to Deseret Industries! They were so easy to work with, patient and all smiles. And I have a tax write-off.

A short lesson in not worrying too much about how things are going to work out because it's just not worth your energy to fear something that might not be bad at all. Reminder to self!

Now....the big question is...new sofa, where are you??????

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