24 June 2010

Bounteous Thanks

After some fantastic dinner invites, rides to the airport, long distance visits to friends and a host of other helps from loved ones, it is high time to send some thank you cards. With the thank you card drawer empty I decided to pop by Papyrus and pick up a box or two of fresh thank you inspiration. I ended up getting a variety of options and qualities for all occasions.

These lovelies, by Papyrus, were on the half-price table in a pretty box for a set of twenty. They are perfect for every day use and have a friendliness about them that I really like. Warm, cheery, just the kind of thing to brighten a day!

These beauties are made of a nice chunky card stock, by Lola for Robert & Sarah. They came in the most beautiful box, that will surely store trinkets in a drawer when the cards are used up. The photo and quote at the top of this post are from the inside of the box lid.

I also picked up these modern delights by Papyrus. I realized that I picked cards with lots of my favorite color combinations: bright greens and blues, oranges and browns and warm pinks. Interesting how we're drawn to things without really realizing why sometimes. I loved these cards, they are so fresh, stylish and say you've put some thought into your thank you sentiments.

And for the discerning man these, also by Papyrus, were also a great purchase. The front didn't photo that well because it's a foil surface, but you can get the idea. It was a bit of a challenge to find masculine thank you cards that weren't impersonal and uninteresting. So many cards have a completely feminine feel or just have a boring typed "thank you" on a cream card with a cream envelope. Blah... These are stylish and hip and completely manly.

One thing I love about "the man" is that he is great at thank you cards. He is very conscientious about sending thanks. I "coordinate" getting them done, and he is great about stopping whatever he is doing and writing something witty and sweet and expressing a heartfelt sense of gratitude. We each write a bit and sign cards we send to friends and family which I like, rather than just something from one of us, most likely me.

And here's a thank you card I had in my mail when I came home last week. So girly and cute and the sentiments totally made my day. That's the great thing about thank you cards. You can never give or get enough of them. Whether you make your own cards or pick up a pack here and there along your way or make it a yearly outing, writing thank you cards is a sweet way to remind myself of all you have to be thankful for and to make sure that everyone you love and appreciate know how you feel. They'll remember you for it too!

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