18 June 2010

ABC Carpet and Home Visit

Wednesday afternoon we visited the delicious ABC Carpet and Home. We were there for a good long while and didn't even make it to more than the first floor and mezzanine. There were so many beautiful things to see. Fell in love with this wood and glass table. Every photo is completely layered with so many interesting things to see.

I've been seeing a lot of "raw" wood here. Wood totally free of any paint or vanish that has an old, aged quality to it. Loved the stripped chairs and candlesticks. Loved the beautiful carved wood bowls. Wishing I had one of those for serving breads.

Hmmm, maybe I should've gotten one, even though there were beyond what I would've liked to have paid. It's probably something I would have kept for decades and used a million times, thereby lowering the cost per use to pennies.

My one little regret of this trip to NYC is that I haven't purchased anything. Usually on a trip I allot myself some money to buy something special. I've looked at a lot of things, but haven't picked up anything. As I lay here on the bed in a beautiful street level guest room on the Upper East Side, I am walking back through all the shops I've been to while I've been here and thinking about a few that I didn't get to and asking myself what happened with that.

But it's okay. I have another special prize from this trip that didn't cost me a cent. I can't wait to rummage through it all when I get home. I'll share more about that next week when I can take some photos. Enjoy a lovely walz through ABC C&H. Hope you can get a little taste of all the goodness.

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