03 June 2010

Hotel Surplus Outlet & Macy's Furniture Outlet

Two furniture resources I wanted to share. I'm going to check out Hotel Surplus Outlet tomorrow in Van Nuys. Now a place like this is going to usually be hit or miss, but you never know what you might get lucky and find. They even some some sofas for less than $100.

I have a few good upholsterers I could get to reupholster something if I found something I really loved and still wouldn't pay more the about $600 total. From the photos on the website they have some interesting mirrors, artwork, chairs, tables, desks, armoires and more. The furniture comes from some more stylish hotels so it's not cookie cutter ugly stuff. Will be a fun adventure. I'll share more!

Hotel Surplus Outlet
6843 Valjean Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Another spot I'm interested in checking out is the Macy's Furniture Outlet. There were mixed reviews online, but it's worth the adventure. It's not far from my favorite downtown thrift stores, so it would make a nice addition to a day long adventure downtown.

Macy's Furniture Outlet
3880 Mission Road
LA, CA 90031


{ to be charmed } said...

Wow, what a great tip! If I'm ever up in the LA area I would so check out these two places.


Elizabeth (BYW)

Anonymous said...

There is another hotel surplus place out in arizona, I went there the other day and it is AWESOME.

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