02 June 2010

Sharing The Love

In the past few weeks my life has been so touched by the kindness and caring thoughtfulness of others. It has been a particularly difficult year for some pretty serious reasons, most of which the majority of the people in my life know very little about. But it's been interesting to see how many friends have recently said, "I've been thinking about you and felt like I should give you a call and see how you are." This has come from close friends I talk to regularly and friends I have hardly seen in many years.

It has been so comforting to know that even though these dear people can do little to change the stressful circumstances of my life, their care and thoughtfulness bring comfort and understanding that we all have our crosses to bear, that everyone suffers to some degree at different points in life and that things usually work out in the end and we move past dark days to happiness again. With that perspective it makes it very hard to get too fussy over unimportant things.

I'm not dwelling on the tough stuff, but trying to find the joy in each day, to really appreciate with humble gratitude all that I am blessed with and the amazing circle of friends I have in my life. You are amazing people. I am blessed to associate with people of your caliber. Life is good. I am happy. I have fun projects to work on, fun people to spend time with, a fun place to live, a fun family. I am so blessed.

So dear friends, I just want to encourage you to keep reaching out. Keep following those little inspirations that come. Keep offering those little gifts of love, hope, kindness and service to anyone around you that you can. It makes this world such a better place and people will be surprised and touched by your actions. You never know who you may rescue with your love and kindness. You never know who may rescue you in your moment of need.

I'm with you and trying every day to show some gratitude, kindness and service to others. To take notice of the people around me, of little opportunities to be kind, help another, give a big, warm smile, show some love. Write a note, make a call, share your appreciation. It makes a world of difference.

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knack said...

so well said.......good for you for the attitude that you have and the strength you put forth in the honesty of your words here...


kalanicut said...

Aw, that means a lot coming from the Queen of Knack! I am such a big fan! Thank you.

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