15 June 2010

Random Little Inspirations

A few random bits and pieces. First, I've written some about Maltodextrin and how it's in nearly all processed foods. One of the artificial sweetener Splenda's main ingredients is Maltodextrin. We recently started looking at baking flour and it's in almost all all-purpose, processed flours. You can find flour without Maltodextrin, but you have to look for it. 

It's amazing how many additives sneak into our foods for reasons of cheaper production, longer shelf life, etc. Read your labels, when you really look at them you can avoid a lot of added gunk in your food. I read once that when it comes to packaged foods, the shorter the ingredients list the better and in general that seems like a good guide. Many diet or low calorie foods have incredibly long ingredient lists with lots of long scientific names. 

Second thing...sleep. Plenty of sleep is very good. I think I may have mentioned this a few hundred times, but it bears repeating. It completely changes how you look and feel. Dark circles fade away. Affects how you act, how you treat people - how much patience and cheerfulness you have. Affects what you choose to eat, how many calories you burn and even your posture! It's important. If you have a hard time going to sleep try a combination of the following:
  • start winding down and quieting your surroundings and your mind an hour or so before bedtime
  • exercise early in the day - you'll have more energy all day long and sleep better at night.
  • drink a cup of soothing herbal tea
  • listen to quiet music
  • listen to a good sleep meditation, downloadable and free from iTunes.
  • do relaxation and breathing exercises, while lying on top of your bed. 
  • learn to discipline and control your thoughts -- do away with negative thoughts, they are bad for you all around. Focus on your gratitude, your blessings, and all the positive thoughts you can. No matter your situation, you have plenty to be positive about!
You CAN master your sleep patterns. Take it from a big time night owl. You will feel better, function better and be more pleasant to be around. Sleep is a critical key to being your BEST self.

Take care of yourself, eat well, sleep well and make a day of it! Make a LIFE of it! Sending you warmest wishes and thanks for stopping by the blog for a few minutes!

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