14 June 2010

Saying YES

So it's been a few weeks since the fabulous Sarah Hamilton turned us on to saying YES to life. Have you seen Oprah's latest magazine cover? Saying YES to Life! Love being ahead of the Oprah curve! Well done Sarah!

Two weeks ago my cousin-in-law Heather emailed to to say she was so inspired by Sarah's piece that she has left two little ones and a husband at home, very well taken care of I am sure, to take a chance of a lifetime trip to New Zealand with a girlfriend whose parents are living there. Well done Heather!

I have said yes to taking on a big personal challenge. I'm having success and happy about it, even though it's a daily commitment to stay focused. I have said yes to making plans to see NYC friends after three years of missed connections with them. I have said yes to finally having another dinner party after three years. I have said yes to some great social invites and been blessed in many ways to spend time with people I love and who are so kind and generous to me.

But more importantly, what I really want to know is what have YOU been saying YES to and how is it changing your life. Please do share. I'd love to get a lot of comments on this one! Here's your chance to share fun news and help others build their courage and say YES to life.

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