17 June 2010

GROM Gelato

The last time I was in NYC, my darling one and I found Grom gelato, after experimenting with a few after dinner treats. We still talk about it to this day. The quality was amazing. Flavors were delicious. We sampled almost everything they had. And we made a mad dash back the next night before our departure home. 

I was going to try to bring him some back but decided trying to carry it with me for 12 hours might get a little impractical, no matter how great of a chilling system I came up with. Then I looked on their web site and was so excited to see that Grom is coming to California! Wahoo! It was a bummer when I realized the location hasn't quite opened yet, darn...so much for a trek out there this weekend!

I may have to zip across town tonight and great one. I was foolish enough to walk by today without indulging and it would be fun to get my dear one a gift card for our first visit to Grom - CA

Highly, highly recommend a visit...you can find grom all over Italy, in France, Japan and there are three locations in NYC --  on the Upper West Side, Midtown West and in Greenwish Village. Gelato for everyone!

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1 comment:

kalanicut said...

Very disappointed to hear now that opening of Grom Malibu is postponed until January 2011.

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