23 February 2010

Dresser Drawer Rehab

There's nothing I love more than a well organized drawer. Really, it's true. After a very busy few months with  family and holiday travel, long work hours, sickness and other life changes it was really starting to bother me that my once beautiful dresser drawers had become a garbled mess.

So last week with a free night I took to my brown dresser. When I moved into this home I took the time to invest in organization trays for all my jewelry, which fit perfectly in the very narrow drawers at the top of my dresser. Next I purchased sock and lingerie organizers for the next two drawers. It's so nice for everything to have it's place and to be able to quickly return things to the places they belong.

As I've built my beloved jewelry collection, started to collect tights, and found the most amazing workout socks which I now have a nice collection of the original set up was not working anymore at all. It was time to commit another drawer to socks & lingerie and set up more spaces for jewelry.

Here are a few of my favorite storage pieces. These Green EVA pieces, which I bought at The Container Store, have been fantastic. The color makes it easy to locate things and they partitions cover all your needs.

Green EVA Jewelry Store

Green EVA Drawer Organizer Set

photos {via}

For lingerie and socks I use these.
photo {via}

Having organized drawers again has cut down the time I spend looking for things, makes it easier for me to put things away and when I open them I feel a peace go through me that I feel when I am living an organized, calm life. They may just be drawers full of things but having things in place inspires me in every area of my life.

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