16 February 2012

Wedding Sandals & Thoughts On A Budget

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Where I stand today, for our wedding, I want it to be fabulous and I want to do it on a shoestring budget.  I would rather have money later than spend voraciously for the wedding itself. I know I can get the look I want for less with some savvy shopping. My dream is a wonderful, joyous day on the beach with family and friends and good food. I would love to wear some ridiculously high heel but I am already very tall and it's very hard to hug people when you're wearing high heels. I want to be able to reach people and never worry about having tired feet.

So, I keep thinking of Carrie Bradshaw in SATC I (the movie) when she shows her little second hand suit, much to her friends dismay, and says something like "don't worry, I'm going to merchandise it up and everything." In the end, she did wear that little suit on her happy wedding day. In the spirit of merchandising something up, I ordered these sandals today for $16. I would never wear white sandals again, so I thought silver/pewter might work. I'm not convinced these are THE shoes since they are only currently available online and I have not tried them on.  

These are very girlish, they don't have any strap going between the toe and will hold my heel down snuggly and comfortably. That is hard to find. I have looked in all price points for sandals that would work and it has been a challenge to find something with all those elements in appropriate colors. I think they would be so pretty with a few silk flowers attached on the outer side of the straps. Maybe something like these or these. And chances are good I would continue wearing these sandals, sans flowers, after the wedding.

Here are the sandals that I originally wanted until I realized they were very poor quality and impossible to find. I also found out just this week that the website I found those at is completely unscrupulous and shady. Thank goodness they didn't have my size. Fingers crossed for these new sandals.

If you have any great sandal advice or wedding shoe advice I'd love to hear it. Please do share. It's a big day, you need lots of good advice AND a good shoe.

Update Mar 5: I took these back. I decided that they just weren't very flattering for me. I have had some luck with some other options and hope to make a decision very soon.


Kelly said...

I am all for comfort on your big day! I wore ballet slippers, but then again my dress was sort of mammoth and completely hid my feet. I probably could have worn flip-flops and no one would have known. I love the idea of adding some flowers to these. And amen to being able to wear them after the wedding! You're so smart. It's all going to turn out beautifully.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Yes, get sandals you can wear again, I totally agree. I think these will be fab with flowers added for a little fancy.

I wish we had taken a more budget-friendly approach with our wedding plans. It's adding up fast. We're paying it and not going into debt, which I'm pleased with, but I am wistfully eyeing those funds and thinking damn, that would be nice to have when it's all over. Oh well. It's going to be an awesome day.

sarah said...

i got married on a beach in south carolina almost 5 years ago. i got the pair of cutest brown flip-flops with "diamonds" in the straps. i only wore them on the road to and from the beach, and as soon as we hit the beach, i went barefoot! it was awesome!!

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