01 February 2012

Authentic Life In Action

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Happy February. It's one of my favorite months. Fun, unexpected things always seem to happen to me in February. Monday was the first day of a new week and after a very busy first 30 days of January I was ready to put my personal goals for the new year into action. I got a good night's sleep and then woke up with a sweet determination to live the day as my "together" self, a woman who is happy with life, focuses on priorities and confidently gets things done.

I looked at my vision board I created 13 months ago and marinated in all I had been blessed with. I let my thoughts settle on the things I have yet to achieve/receive. I was pleased to realize it was those exact things I am now focusing on.

I did all my computer work first thing, made a To Do list, tidied up the bathroom and made a bunch of calls. After almost a year of frustration with my satellite TV situation I called today and got an amazing offer to adjust my service, basically way more than my best hope. That really encouraged me.

I started to realize that this was becoming a recurring theme throughout my day. When I had a good hope in my heart I got back even more than I hoped for, I got done even more than I hoped for. Next I headed for the gym. I have found that doing my daily readings during my 15 warm up time is a fantastic way to feed body and soul. I put in two tough hours, but felt so good when I left. This was a big step in being my true self.

Being in great shape, being an athlete is who I really am and I have not been faithful to that part of me recently. I know being more in tune with this part of my life will bring innumerable blessings and I am powerfully envisioning that. I can feel her roaring back. When I returned from the gym I ate a healthy meal, another part of being true to myself.

Next I started working on my apartment which has become a bit of a disaster from all the coming and going I've been doing the past few weeks. Success. Living room cleaned top to bottom. Kitchen tidied up and dishes put away. Then I emailed The Man regarding a few small details we need to take care of this week. I also made plans with two friends, wrote letters to a dear friend who moved away who we are still dearly missing and to my parents. 

I had a great day. Looking back I can't believe how much I got done. It felt joyful and peaceful, even when I was calling the satellite TV company. Things went smoothly and I went smoothly with them, not uptight or putting too much pressure on myself. Things worked out better than I expected and I gave more than expected with less effort than expected. What a blessed state to live in!

I am going to try to live like this more often. I feel encouraged to make my life more my dream life and I know it all started with me choosing to live that way in the morning of a new day. I love the elements of my dream life and I am getting there, little by little. Most importantly, I know I will have arrived when I can wake up with this mindset every day. Then no matter what I face during the day I will know it's all unfolding in a blessed way and I will be at my best to walk my path.

How do you feel when you are in your perfect stride? How do you define it and what does that mean to you when you find yourself in that place? Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday. I'll be back a bit later this morning with a little more fun in the sun.

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