06 February 2012

Things I'm Thinking About

image by kalanicut

A few things I'm thinking about this week:

1) We all really need each other.
2) We could cut each other a little (or a lot) of slack.
3) We are responsible for our own happiness.
4) Spending time with friends is calming and inspiring.
5) All our busy-ness seems a little pointless most of the time, doesn't it?
6) Spending time with kids is really good for the soul.
7) How much of what we have do we really need?
8) We should enjoy life more.
9) Life is filled with bounty if we open our eyes to it all.
10) A walk outdoors is beautiful therapy.

What are you thinking about that guides or inspires you these days? Any "realities" that you are questions and tearing down in your life? Any beautiful, new "musts" you insist on for your happy life?

1 comment:

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

So many things come and go through my mind, but I'm definitely thinking a lot about balance, and about the finite nature of life lately.

As for your list - I'm pretty much on board with all of it! :)

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