21 February 2012

Seeing Through Frustrations

image by kalanicut/art by The Bug

We hope to be able to dance through the days in our lives. But some days there are alligators that get in our way and mess things all up. I had one of those nights last night when I drove an hour away and then had a sudden car breakdown the minute I headed home. I honestly had to get off the first exit I came to after I got on the freeway.

Thankfully, The Man took care of everything for me over the phone, so all I had to do was cry in frustration for about a minute, then wait for an hour for the tow truck to come. I made good use of my time by listening to an inspiring Joel Osteen podcast on my iPod. Two hours later than expected I was home, safe and sound and the car had been dropped off at the dealership to be looked at first thing in the morning.

Things turned out much simpler than my worse fears had imagined and I could not help but look at how I had been blessed that everything turned out to only require patience and nothing more from me. I was protected and taken care of and things were made easy. That seems to be a frequent lesson in our relationship with God. Hard things happen, requiring our faith and through our faith things are made easy. I love that lesson.

Here's a post from the archives from just about this time last year. It's all about looking beyond frustrations for unexpected blessings, going with the flow when things don't go as expected and how surprisingly great things work out when you do.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Life is good. We just have to remember to look for all the good and enjoy every bit of it. Hope you get to enjoy lots of good today.

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So glad that you were safe, Kalani.


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