27 February 2012

A Childhood Dream Come True

I recently had the chance to do something I've been dreaming of since I was in grade school. I remember my grandmother used to frequently visit to the Chesapeake Bay area when I was a child to visit her brother. She was an adventurer and traveler and I loved hearing about her trips and the East Coast that seemed so far away when I was so little.

In grade school a teacher showed us several movies about life in the colonial period that were filmed at Colonial Williamsburg. Those films completely captured my imagination and I was certain that I must someday visit Colonial Williamsburg.

Recently on an unexpected trip to the East Coast I had the chance to visit Colonial Williamsburg for the first time. It was a cold day in mid-winter, but thankfully the sun was shining all day long. After my first, one-day visit, I am already looking forward to visiting in the summer when all the park is open and full of life.

I was most interested in the handcrafts and enjoyed the spinning and weaving house, silversmith, gardens and shops. The streets were so beautiful and because it was winter you could see through all the trees for beautiful views around the village. Living in a place that does not have distinct seasons, it was fun to see the first signs of spring raising their heads out of the ground. 

I was beyond impressed with the knowledge of the staff and volunteers. It was so interesting to have them be able to explain in depth how so many things were done during that time period and why. I enjoyed all the goods available in the several shops: beautiful jewelry, fabrics, metal work, books and many lovely and high quality children's toys.

I also thought the prices were very fair, especially for families who might visit. That gave me the impression that making sure people learn about this time period was valued more than making a buck.

I'll share a few more photos and a little more about my visit tomorrow. Besides all the great things I saw and experienced at Colonial Williamsburg, the best lesson I learned from my experience is that you just never know when you might have a chance to make one of your dreams come true.

Never think something is not possible just because you don't see how it will come to fruition. Life is full of surprises and things that seem geographically, financially, or otherwise impossible can come to fruition even within days. You just never, ever know. So never say never when it comes to your dreams.

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