15 February 2012

Cedar Chests, Not Just For High School Girls

Yesterday I was thinking about starting a new home together with The Man, and the rituals of such things. It brought to mind cedar chests. I remember sitting with my much loved grandmother in her bedroom as she opened up her cedar chest and showed me her treasures. For the first time in a long time, I suddenly wanted a cedar chest to keep my treasures. I wondered who even made cedar chests anymore.

When I was growing up, it was Lane and they passed the "hope chest" marketing brochures around at the same time they pushed school ring and graduation announcement order forms. I am so glad I didn't get one in high school. Would hate to have lugged it around during all the moves I've made through the years. I looked at Lane chests and they don't look too much different than what I remember in high school. Classic styling is important if you want something to stay in fashion for 60 or 70 years, I suppose.

I stopped by CedarChest.com and was intrigued to see what was going on there. First the prices were half to a quarter of what I had seen to that point. And there were a variety of sizes. After looking at the most traditional styles I saw these in the photo above. They can be purchased with a cedar lining and are very study. I can just imagine one of these would look quite sharp resting atop broad, low pedestal at the foot of a bed. Of course there are more traditional styles as well. Here are a few.

There is something lovely and old world about a cedar chest. I just imagine storing wool blankets inside one. In our non-tradional world, it's nice to hang onto notions and traditions from our grandparents era. I vote for bringing the cedar chest back into vogue along with some of the values we've lost from their era as well. Treasuring life and our personal histories should never go out of style.

all images via CedarChests.com

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