08 February 2012

What Can You Risk Today?

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I'm following Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance again this year. Today's theme is about taking risks. The day's reading made the outlandish suggestion that we should risk something small or big every day. I had to ponder the thought that growth always comes out of risk. It is true, it does make complete sense now doesn't it. But how darn easy it that to forget?!

I'm taking some risks. Yesterday I took the risk to straight out ask for what I really wanted in a situation that made it a little uncomfortable to do so...twice! I stuck my neck out where I wouldn't normally. And I had to celebrate myself for a moment. A big step for this conflict averse girl.

So have I got you thinking about your life, your dreams, your fears and R-I-S-K yet? I'll throw out the challenge to risk something today. Risk something small, risk something big. And if you're feeling very courageous share what it is and how it went in the comments below. Let's cheer each other on, shall we? I'm cheering you on right now...and looking for my next opportunity to risk something to move forward in my life and enjoy more joy and bounty.

If you are following Simple Abundance this year I would love to hear how it's going and what has really struck you so far. It's an amazing journey.

I'm linking this post over to A Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays. If you love beach living, great design, fresh flowers and the color white, Sarah's blog should be a must!

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