09 September 2011

Sticking My Toe in Wedding Planning

So it hit me about a week ago that getting engaged means actually executing all the plans to bring a wedding together. While we'll do something small, classic and very friend and family oriented, I realized that it's a massive amount of decisions, budgeting and details to pull together. That left me feeling really overwhelmed for a few days.

I talked to a few friends and relatives and got serious about looking at my mood board and figuring out what I had to work from. Although I felt like I had a pretty good idea for the design, the deeper I looked the less of a handle I felt I had on it. I started thinking about all the costs, how many blogs, books and magazines of ideas there are out there and my head began to spin.

Finding my way through that initial shock was allowing things to just percolate for a few days and simply look around without trying to think too hard. I grabbed a stack of magazines, especially Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot and San Diego Style Weddings. Then I started thinking about what I could handle now.

I thought I can handle shopping for shoes. I knew I wanted a pair of very feminine, girly flat sandals. Since I'm very tall, The Man is just about two inches taller than me and most of the festivities will happen on the beach with a lot of family, friends and kids running around, something practical seemed essential. Plus I just can't imagine being 6'2" in heels and leaning down to hug people all day long. I found several pairs I really liked at Sandal World but these caught my eye instantly. They're going in the file.

Then I thought about a little guest bag I'd like to do. Love this beach tote. Throughout the plan is some Hawaiian influence. Although I don't like the color of this cake, I love the Polynesian influenced decoration. 

So far I'm seeing earthy bright greens, whites with a touch of orange and maybe a little dark pink sneaked in. I'm looking forward to sharing more inspirations that can definitely be used for much more than just a wedding. Hopefully you'll find some gems that you can use for parties, your home and more.

I would love your suggestions on how you organized your planning. Your experience and thoughts are priceless.

image 1 via Jiffy Shirts
image 3 via Sandal World


Terry said...

Love those shoes - they're adorable. Best of luck pulling everything together. When is your date? I can't wait to see it all finished. What fun. :)

Sally W. said...

LOVE the sandals!! Get them now!!!

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