23 February 2012

Lucky Weekends

We were lucky all around this past weekend. Had an absolutely dreamy weekend with The Bug. So lovely. We got to visit my parents who are serving a mission just 20 minutes from my apartment. It was a bit of a double-edged sword to see them for the first time since they moved here because now that it's really clicked that they are so close we want to go over there every day and they keep trying to get us to come over. Good thing we're all busy or we might just never get anything done again and hang out together every day.

I never in a million years imagined that my parents would live in SoCal. It's like I was living on the moon, so far away from all my family, and then my parents just showed up on the moon one day. I am still trying to make sense of it, but I'm afraid I may get quite addicted to having them here and never let them go.

I took my mom on her first trip to Home Goods. My dad and I, laughing, said it was like taking a crack addict to a crack house. Home Goods will do that to a girl! As always Home Goods was looking good and I was amazed at the deals.

While we were there I also found this small piece of art above that merged some design ideas I was having a hard time bringing together. Finally some challenges I couldn't see through, clicked. Another great thing happened, thanks to Pinterest.

I was just doing a quick browse through and started jumping through a series of links that I followed to a DIY project that solves the biggest question mark I've had for the past couple of weeks about vessels for flowers on the wedding tables. I was so excited. I later realized that it may be impossible to find the supplies I need to make it. So we'll have to see. Frustrating.

We also had a lot of art going on at home over weekend, which I love. It's amazing to see The Bug lose herself in creativity. It gets so quiet....and messy. Even after she does a great job cleaning up I still find bits of paper and things askew for days to come.

So I'm counting my lucky stars these days and looking for the good in every day. Feeling very blessed this week.

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