09 February 2012

Wedding Errands: A Color Scheme Found

image via ZGallerie

Yesterday I was determined to take a couple of hours and nail down some wedding details. I created a circular round trip filled with right hand turns for my errands which saved me a lot of time and frustration driving through a very busy city.  My stops included one of the shops where we are planning to register.

I laugh when I say "we" because The Man is so busy right now he can't give any time to wedding registries or planning. I'm totally okay with that because his priorities during the next little while far surpass wedding plans. I think I'm going to be on my own from here on out, I just need to get him there on the wedding day with appropriate clothing. (I'm laughing as I type this.)

 So I'm registering for "us" but I'm doing it on my own. I am even going to a couples registry party this weekend and I am going by myself because The Man can't make it. I'm feeling a little nervous about going to an all-couples event by myself. But it will definitely help me to stay on task and just get registered for the few things that we need. I might even make some friends. I will need to put on my brave, outgoing face, which is not always my forte in many social gatherings.

My first stop was Paper Source. I took a long look at paper, stationery, ink stamps and other DIY invitation elements. Based on our short time frame I am so glad I decided to DIY the invitations from the start. There would be no time to order anything. Second stop Crate & Barrel for a quick wander. It's been a few months since I've been in the store and wanted to be familiar with what's happening there before the wedding event this weekend.  Then I popped into Z Gallerie since it was just a couple doors down. I fell hard for this Palm Panel above. Later this morning I'll share more about it and a couple of other things I saw there that I loved.

My fourth stop was F&S Fabrics. I was looking for fabric for ring pillow and a few other little DIY projects. I didn't quite find what I needed but I did find a fabric that had all the exact colors I am looking for in it. So I bought a quarter of a yard to carry with me. I'm seriously focused in on the color chartreuse. But I will also pull in a couple darker greens to stabilize things, then a lot of white and some weathered wood, grayish brown. Finding that swatch of fabric really helped me. Now I have a palette and can show it to people.

The last stop I made was Marshalls. I know all the Easter dresses are just coming out now for little girls. So I'm hoping to find just the right dress for The Bug for a song. I've already seen three dresses I'm seriously considering in greens & whites -- all under $13.00 at the discounters -- and there are some great white cardigans for girls out there right now that would be great for beachy weather. Here's one place I'm hoping to save some big bucks. No $100+ flower girl dresses necessary when we can find something we really love with a sweater cover up for less than $25. Sweet. Thanks Easter season!

A couple hours every few days is helping me pull things together. I think I have just about everything figured out. Time to start jamming on a few projects. I wish I had a sister or friend close who could run around with me on a few of these things. But everyone is too far away. So I'll just keep plugging away and emailing, texting and sending photos around for advice. I'm so lucky to have such sweet friends and family in all directions who have great taste, practical sensibilities and are so kind to advise. Thank you my sweet people!

As promised I'll share my latest Z Gallerie loves later this morning. Happy Thursday!

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