06 February 2012

Great Morning at Home Depot Kids Workshop

Happy Monday. We had a sublime weekend, full of love, smiles, hugs and kisses. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your new week is filled with joy. I send you those wishes from my heart.

I have been wanting to visit the Kids Workshop at Home Depot for a few months now. But getting people up and out of the house by 8:30 on a Saturday morning feels a little cruel when people are tired. We committed to go this past Saturday, set the alarm and got up and out the door. I'm so glad we did. The workshop is free and I am a big supporter of any activity that helps kids get out around other people and to build their creativity.

The first thing I learned is that you don't have to be there right at 9 a.m. Was thrilled about that. Good to know. The workshop is open from 9 a.m. to noon. The project only takes about 20 minutes and you can drop in any time. The ladies at our local Kids Workshop said that it is often busy during the full three hours and sometimes they run out of supplies in the last hour. So it is good to go early, but I'm happy to know we could get another hour of sleep and still have plenty of time to get there and enjoy.

Another thing I really appreciated is that they held the workshop outside. It was a gorgeous 70 degree day and I thought about most of the other Home Depots around the country who were NOT so lucky to have their workshop outside.

The project this month was a little treasure box. We glued the box together then nailed the heart onto the lid. Then rather than having to deal with a crowd of kids painting and waiting for paint to dry, they provided adhesive foam shapes to decorate the boxes. The process was well organized, people and space were well managed and the short line to start the project moved quickly.

I loved that our little one got a cute little Home Depot apron with her name on it and a certificate when she was done. They even had face painting and we left with our great new treasure box and a sweet Valentine heart on her cheek. After we got done we wandered through the gardening department for a few minutes studying flowers and types of vegetable plants.

We were done earlier than I expected and that gave us several hours to do things before lunch time. A few hours later, seeing our little one's apron, which she was still proudly wearing, another mother said, "Oh we went there today too." She also let me in on a little secret. There is another Home Depot not far from us that is not as busy on workshop days. So it's good, if you have multiple stores around your area to do a little investigation to see if one is easier to attend than another.

It really paid off to chat with people who have experience with Kids Workshop that day. I learned all the tips to make it fun and as easy as possible. We will definitely be going back on a regular basis and hopefully taking friends with us. If you have kids, grandchildren or nieces, nephews or other little buddies you like to hang out with, I really encourage you to take them to the Home Depot Kids Workshop. It's never too early to learn to DIY.

Make it a beautiful day. I'll be back later this morning with a 10 things that are inspiring me and guiding my thoughts these days. I'd love to hear what's turning your head these days.

all images by kalanicut

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