14 February 2012

It's Valentine's Day, My Cookie

Hope it's a sweet day for you. I didn't do anything creative for the day this year. In fact I didn't even put up any hearts or anything. I think I hit the "decorate for every holiday" wall. After all I did just put away the Christmas decorations two weeks ago. I think I needed a breather. Luckily The Bug has just learned how to cut out hearts so there is no shortage of paper heart love here.

I am going to do some service for others today. So it will be a great day. I was inspired by this post from Brene Brown's blog called I Heart Generosity Day. I know it's been a good Valentine's Day for me if I get one good pink frosted, heart-shaped sugar cookie. Nothing is better than my mom's sugar cookie recipe. So, I will make some pretty pink cookies.

Hope you get a chance to receive and give some love today. That's what it's all about. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. Did you make anything fancy for today? What is your favorite Valentine's Day tradition at your house? See anything online that blew your Valentine's Day socks off?

Thanks for coming by. Later this morning I will have a post about an impromptu project I took on last Saturday posted here, Happy day!

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