15 February 2012

Meet My New Girlfriend

I have to introduce you to my slightly wacky new friend. She obviously desperately needs a makeover. I met her yesterday at my neighborhood thrift store. You know, the one where I get angry every time I go in there because of the outrageous prices. That has not changed by the way. LOL. 

First thing I need to do is give her a makeover, get her out of that horrible 80s neon outfit and put some proper attire on her and get all those horrible little gems off the top. I hope they are press on, rather than glue on.

Now what do I have in mind for her, you might ask. This is a high quality piece, very heavy. The fabric is very nice or maybe was is a better word. But it is still in good condition. I think I will paint the fabric with fabric paint, maybe black, or gray or silver or something.

What am I going to do with her? Well, you may remember I bought this beauty last year without a particular plan. When I got her home I found my necklaces looked amazing on her and she fit so appropriately on top of my taller set of dresser drawers.

So when I bought crazy girl yesterday, I thought that perhaps all my longer jewelry would look lovely on her. I have some fantastic pieces that I have been given, collected and even made over the years. They are all hidden in closets and drawers and I truly forget about them and so don't wear them. I imagine having them all out and visible would make me so happy.

My one concern is that she will scare the dickens out of people (most importantly ME!) if they (I) walk into a dark room where she might be standing. I can also imagine she might just become one of the family and be dressed up according to inspiration, season and crazy mood now and again.

I have to confess that I bought this young lady as a Valentine's gift to myself. Hopefully someday I will have a design studio where my crazy new friend will live while I design circles around her. So welcome home, my new friend. I look forward to what we will create together.

For the rest of you, I'll be back later this morning with a post on my latest wish -- a cedar chest -- what I found when I started looking around and how grateful I am that I didn't get one in high school. Have a super morning!

images by kalanicut

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