07 February 2012

Tuesday Quick Tip - Fly Without Cankles

image via Jefferies

This is guaranteed to be one of my most UN-glamorous posts ever. But what I'm going to share with you will keep you glamorous and in good health during air travel, which is a great thing. A few years ago I started traveling a lot for both business and pleasure. I was in the airport at least every couple of weeks if not multiple times in one week. This was when I first started noticing my ankles swelling to frightening proportions during long flights.

I started avoiding salty foods before and during flights, drinking tons of water and making sure I wore comfortable shoes I would be able to get back on my feet when we landed. I tried to walk around every once in a while during the flight and when possible tried to get a bulkhead row so I could sit with my feet propped up a bit more. Many a day after a long flight did I spend on my bed or couch with my legs propped up as high as I could get them above my head, trying to get the swelling to go down. There is seriously nothing more scary than seeing your ankles twice their normal size. Not to mention the fear of pulmonary embolism.

About this same time I started hearing this same problem being discussed by a lot of other women. One of the best antidotes to leg and ankle swelling are those ugly, heavy duty tan elastic compression socks, but they cost about $40. Instead I bought black dollar store ankle braces made of stretch elastic and would slip them on after take off and take them off again upon arrival. They helped some.

This past week while at a hospital gift shop I ran across Jefferies support socks. They come in different colors and are not hideous looking. They  look like regular socks. They are made with non-restrictive toe and heel and promote better circulation and relieve fatigue. I found my pair for less than five dollars and they were on sale. I scooped up a pair of black ones since I usually wear dark pants on flights. 

I am putting these in my flight kit which includes an inflatable travel pillow, ear plugs, eye cover, and saline nasal spray. It's easy to have all these essentials already packed together to throw into my carry-on bag for my next flight. Unglamorous topic, YES, but a solution that will help your pocketbook and make you feel much more glamorous at the end of that next cross continent flight, YES!

And here are 10 Tips to Prevent Swollen Feet During Air Travel from Everyday Health. If you are concerned about pulmonary embolism here are a few helpful facts also from Everyday Health. Both these articles suggest wearing compression socks when flying so check out Jefferies socks. Happy travels! Goodbye cankles!

I'll have another post for you later this morning. Something totally not related to ugly ankles.

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