29 February 2012

Observations About Our 10th State

Here are a few observations from my travel to the State of Virginia:

1) I am still thrown by the ocean being on the East side. One day I was momentarily totally confused about why the sun was setting on the wrong side and not behind the ocean. Clearly a West Coast girl. I do like my ocean sunsets. My sense of direction has been totally thrown off because in my head the ocean is west and you can figure out north, south and east from there. Does not work so well here.

2) There are a LOT of cops all over Virginia handing out tickets for traffic violations. A LOT! They are hiding behind bushes, under bridges and clearly visible along the sides of roads with cars already pulled over everywhere you go.

3) People here seem to really like stickers on their cars. It seems like more than half of the cars here have 5...6...10 stickers on the back of their vehicles. Clearly there are things to be said in Virginia. Interestingly I have not seen the bumper sticker "Virginia is for Lovers" on any car. Haa, haa.

4) There are big mosquitoes in Virginia even in the middle of winter. Granted it's been a mild winter here but it was snowing and freezing just two weeks ago.

5) I like Virginia. It is full of history, waterways, beaches and trees. There is no shortage of beautiful homes with boat docks in the backyards. Gorgeous. The people I have interacted with are warm, friendly, kind and helpful.

I have collected some amazing shells and driftwood bits in the afternoons the past couple of days. And I'm getting a nice little tan from the neck up and the ankles down from my few minutes on the beach. The rest of me is under a couple layers of warm clothing and often a hat. Winter and beach is a big switch for me. But I've enjoyed every minute.

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