22 February 2012

Attracting Good Friends and Friendships

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We often hear people talk about how much they appreciate a friend they can pick right up with no matter how long it's been since they've seen each other. I've been thinking about the great friends I have that fit in that category and what it is about these people that makes life so grand with them in it.

Here are a few characteristics that I came up with:
  • they hope for your best and always wish good things for you
  • they have an abundant mentality, that there is enough good for everyone
  • they allow you to be you and love and appreciate your unique strengths
  • they have several good friends and don't cling to just one person
  • they keep their word and do what they say they will
  • they walk their talk
  • they maintain confidentiality
  • they are there for you when things go bad without judgment
  • they gracefully and gently offer suggestions for you when needed
  • they do not live in fear
Associations without a good base of these grounding elements are often competitive, disloyal, unkind and very dissatisfying. In the social media world you often see people snipping at each other or about others and talking about other people's drama. When relationships have the qualities I've listed above, there is rarely drama, name calling, jealousy or mean-spiritedness. The greatest part is that we can draw these quality relationships to us by merely being this kind of a friend.

What do you most appreciate about your friends? What characteristics would you add to the list?



I appreciate a friend that asks good questions to help me process my life. I like a friend where we have equal give and take.


kalanicut said...

Ah, Glenda that's a great one. Well said. I realize so often in conversations with friends about my life that I suddenly have light bulb moments where I see what I need to do. Such a blessing!

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