09 February 2012

Fun Spring 2012 Finds from Z Gallerie

image via ZGallerie

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I decided to take a few minutes from my errand running to pop into Z Gallerie yesterday and then visited the online store last night. That place is guaranteed to always be a feast for the eyes and once again I found a few things that just leave me excited about potential ways I could style things up with them.

First this Solitude Panel. There is something about being caught up visually in the eternal round of the circles and their intricacies that does require the brain to just shut off and enjoy. Try to stare at this image for even just five seconds without your mind being caught up in dissecting all the interesting twists, turns and blooms. Truly peace bringing.

Last year I posted about seeing a larger chandelier like this in a designer shop. I fell hard in love with it. But I can only imagine that this smaller version Capiz Chandelier would be much closer to my affordable price range and would look stunning over a dining room table or kitchen island. Meow. When I think about this hanging low over a dining table and me hosting a dinner party, I seriously get a little weak in the knees...I must confess.

image via Z Gallerie

Lastly here is the Palm Tree Panel 1 I shared earlier this morning. I adore it and think it would look so amazing on a painted wall. It would work in so many places in a house: dining room, bedroom, bathroom, living room or hallway. It has a mate that it would pair up amazingly well with too.

I am all for DIYing and thrifting and living on a budget, but I think it's always good to add a little something new to the mix once in a while. Shops with amazing products like Z Gallerie are such a great spot to get a punch of freshness with small investments or when you need something bigger with a little pizazz. Take time to wander these shops for inspiration and when the budget and need are aligned bring something new to the mix in your home. It will feel refreshing.

Thanks friends at ZGallerie for inspiring my home decor, adding fun punches of color and style to my home and being a place for amazing high-styled inspiration at affordable prices. See you again soon.

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