24 February 2012

Driftwood Garlands, My Next DIY

image via Koyal

I have seen driftwood garlands at several shops lately and of course with my beach themed house and wedding plans, I completely want one (or more). They are not cheap. Yesterday I happened upon a new beach I have never been to and what do you know, there are tiny bits of driftwood all over the place. Yipee. I see a DIY project in my future. I will be going back over the coming days to gather a nice little supply of driftwood and shells. I also found a couple of weathered lumber that has washed ashore that would make a perfect driftwood sign at the wedding. I just need to get them home which will be a trick.

I love going to new beaches because you never know what you will find. Some beaches are all about round black rocks with pretty white stripes through them, others are sea glass central and it's always fun to see colors and shapes of shells you will find at different beaches. Whatever beach I visit, I always take along a bag to pick up trash that has washed ashore.

I found some good shells yesterday too and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset behind gorgeous dunes. Ah, dreamy. If only I had taken my camera with me. Hoping for another great sunset soon, I will definitely keep my camera close from now on. Having an unexpectedly fantastic weekend. Yeah. Hooray!

What are you up to this weekend? Any plans you are excited about? Home projects? DIY adventures? Museums? Familiy time? Hope it's a great weekend for you and yours.



I just saw this in Cannon Beach, OR. They mixed rocks and beach wood. Not sure how they attached the rocks, but I was drawn to them, too. (But they were very expensive.)

Have fun making your own. How are wedding plans going?


kat @ dot dot dash said...

driftwood is amazing!
look forward to seeing your project!
x kat

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