31 January 2012

Tuesday Quick Tip - Frownies Facial Pads

image via Frownies

Thought it was about time for another Tuesday Quick Tip. I was organizing my bathroom last week and found two boxes of Frownies facial pads and thought it would be a great time to pull them out and start using them again.

Frownies are an old-school wrinkle treatment that apparently has been very popular in Hollywood and for others who are in the public limelight for decades. They have been around since 1889! The goal of Frownies is to smooth away wrinkles by forcing the muscles in a different direction.  Frownies look like brown craft paper with glue on the back side. You wet them down like you would a Biore Pore Strip and then adhere them to your forehead, around your eyes, or other spots.

These were recommended to me by a friend a few years ago and I felt really good about using them and doing what I can to keep my face looking as young as possible for as long as possible. I loved taking them off in the morning to see my skin smoother and wrinkles a little less visible. I haven't been as dedicated to using them as I should long term to see long term results. I am going to start using these again. I am interested to learn more about the Frownies skin care line. It looks like they have a wide range of interesting products that would be great to try.

Anyone else game to join me? Anyone else have experience using Frownies with success stories to share? You can find Frownies at their website and can follow them at Facebook and Twitter. The company is very active in social media so you can definitely find good deals, coupons, etc. You can also see what other bloggers are saying about Frownies here.

If you use them or decide to try them I'd definitely like to hear about your experience. In the meantime, I'll be working on smoothing my forehead and around my eyes. Have a great Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of these! Marcia

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