13 January 2011

Boden Spring 2011 - A Bouquet of Color

Here's are a few inspirations I'm building on for Spring Wardrobe 2011. As I said earlier this morning it's all about buying things I really love this year, a good supply of basics and cheery prints to mix and match. These images are all from Boden Spring 2011.

Happy Thursday! Hope you have some time to dream of Spring today.


Jenn said...

I went through the Boden catalog page by page last night and marked every thing I *needed* ... so much goodness this spring! Now, to narrow down to what I really love. :)

Dave and Catherine said...

Love love LOVE Boden! Why hasn't MY catalog come yet? :(

Chuzai Living said...

I like the yellow and black dress with a purple jacket. So cute!! The spring collection of Boden seems to have many bold colors. They definitely gives the sense of spring.


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