06 January 2011

Joining Project Restyle

Found this fun project to get involved in for 2011. Project ReStyle is all about restyling something that no longer serves it's purpose into something new and exciting. It was founded by Rachel Denbow and Elsie Flannigan.

Anyone can join in so if you're interested come get involved. When you join their Flikr Group you can post photos each week of your upcycled projects. If you click on the Flikr Group link you can see lots of projects already done by participants.

I have a stash of fabric, gorgeous leathers and felted wool I've been wanting to do some projects with. I'm also on the hunt for a good thrift store desk so that might be another option for projects in the near future. I'm right at this moment looking at a flat egg pallet that I'm suddenly having ideas about. I was saving it to make caterpillars with The Little Bug, but it may not last that long now.

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