20 January 2011

Native Vermont Studios Art

Unfortunately I'm still quite sick, so I'm posting on a lighter schedule than usual, but trying to give you a little something each day. If you live anywhere near mountains or have a home with a outdoor/nature design style, you probably have a perfect spot in your home for the work of Native Vermont Studio by Ryan Fowler. Ryan's Etsy Store is full of wonderful pieces. Here's a little collage of four of my favorite pieces.

These would be so lovely in a child's room, a family room or even a bathroom or hallway. So filled with charm, warm colors and sweet outdoor scenes. I can just imagine the polar bear piece in a child's room against the glow of a sweet nightlight. Lovely.

Check out Native Vermont Studio for art that will be right at home in your home. Have a great Thursday.


Ashley Hasty said...

Looking forward to your blog crawl post today!

<3 Ashley

Michelle said...

I just wanted you to know I really enjoy reading your blog. I love the way you write straight from the heart. The pics above brought a smile to my face. Thankyou for sharing - I do wish you a speedy recovery x

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