17 January 2011

My New Desk

Here is a photo of my new desk. I went to IKEA because I needed something slim that would fit into a very small space. If there's anyone who can fit a whole life into a tiny space it's the people at IKEA. I'm always blown away by the home vignettes they have in their stores where they fit a kitchen, living space and bedroom into 500 square feet.

I wanted something that was tall enough to fit my tall legs under it, wide enough that I could have my laptop and another project on it at the same time - and it all had to fit in a very slim corner of space. I also wanted some drawers under it and for it to have a modern, clean lined feel. This is what I found after considerable research. I can't wait to move it into space today and begin to put all this work space dreaming into reality. More photos to come.

desk photo from IKEA.com

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